Monday, March 2, 2009

Saturday Night

What a wild saturday night. This is what it consisted of -

-TONS of vodka
-almost a crazy fight with some wanna be gang bangers on the bus
-friend drinks half a 40 of piss but thought it was vodka. apparently made the best caesar ever.
-wet trampoline action
-some dude in white dockers, dress shoes and a blazer trying to skate a wet skate ramp but has no clue how to drop in ....hilarious !
-friend tries to fight some dude who keeps wanting to bum smokes so he goes to punch him and misses and hits his female roomate, not good..
-4 brothers pizza
-friend throws cinder block through other friend back windshield
-roomate was wrestling with a friend and he hit his head so hard on the ground it knocked him out for about 5 seconds. Pretty wild but he is ok now.
-everyone drunk as fuck
-everyone wearin some type of costume
= awesome night with my buds

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