Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Various Artists - Loose Leafs Joints [Bootleg] (2009)

Damnit this is a good mix of real hip hop. Lots of WU, Mobb, BCC, even some bill and necro joints. nice. this guy and i definitely have the same taste.
This is gettin its own playlist on my pod.


01.Nasty Immigrants ft.Raekwon - 12 O’Clock

02.Stand Clear ft.M.O.P. - Adam F

03.Ruff Enuff ft.AfuRa - Akrobatik

04.Universall Skills - Arsonists

05.Behold - Benefit

06.NY Freestyle - Big L & McGruff

07.Wishful Thinking ft.B-Real,Joey Crack & Kool G Rap - Big Pun

08.Official - Big Shug

09.Dark Nights - Black Opz

10.Headz Ain’t Ready (Original) - Boot Camp Clik

11.Who The Fuck - Brooklyn Academy

12.Follow Me - Buckshot

13.Fanatic - Cage

14.Guerilla Monsoon Rap Freestyle - Canibus & Papoose

15.Jungle Book ft.Maylay Sparks - Chief Kamachi

16.Fuckin’ Wit Known Fellons - Children Of The Corn

17.Bare Witness ft.Guru - Choclair

18.We Gon Buck ft.Lake & CNN - Cormega

19.Illusions (Muggs Remix) - Cypress Hill

20.Smoke Flow ft.Killarmy - D Cheloo

21.No Doubt ft.M.O.P & Teflon - Das EFX

22.Duck Hunting - Dojo Pros

23.Serious ft.Redman & Das EFX - EPMD

24.Match The Name With The Voice - Flipmode Squad

25.Battle - GangStarr

26.Silence ft.Scram Jones - Immortal Technique

27.Swordplay Remix - Inspectah Deck

28.Verses Of Doom - Jeru The Damaja

29.The Morning - Joell Ortiz

30.People And Places ft.Evidence - Joey Chavez

31.Shaluminati - Killa Sha

32.The Cookout - Killarmy

33.Syzemology - King Syze

34.Q.B.G. - Kool G Rap & Prodigy

35.Rules To Live By ft.Joey Crack & Armageddon - Lord Finesse

36.Back At You - Mobb Deep

37.Gangsta Rap - Necro & Ill Bill

38.14 Years Of Rap ft.Arsonists - Non-Phixion

39.The Rah Rah - The Outsidaz

40.Code Red ft.RZA & Sollomon Childs - Remedy

41.We Don’t Rock Like That - Rock

42.We Declare War! - Royal Fam

43.Murder She Wrote - Ruthless Bastards

44.More Or Less - Sean Price

45.Illuminati ft.I.M.A.N Thug - Tragedy Khadafi


Mr.T - Mr.T’s Commandments (1984)

some more T.

A1 Mr. T’s Commandment
A2 Don’t Talk To Strangers
A3 The Toughest Man In The World
A4 Mr. T, Mr. T (He Was Made For Love)
B1 The One And Only Mr. T
B2 No Dope No Drugs
B3 You Got To Go Through It


Mr.T - Mr.T’s Commandment (VLS) (1984)

funny shit i just came across that I had to put up.

A Mr. T’s Commandment
B Mr. T’s Commandment (Instrumental)



Buc Fifty - The Ultimate Weapon [bootleg] (2009)

I had to put this shit up. Buc Fifty nuff said.


01.Freestyle on Sway & Tech
04.Buc, Buc, Buc
05.Ultimate Weapon
06.Metal’s Advocate
07.Boys About To Flip
08.Killer Technology
09.Back Up Off Me
10.Like A G
11.Planet Alignment ft.Freestyle & Madchild
12.Dead End Street
13.Electric Chain Rhymin’
14.Poker Face ft.Madchild & Prevail
15.Worst Enemy
16.Glock And A Dream
17.Jacked For Your Fans
18.Go For Mine ft.Madchild
19.Permanent Scars ft.Adolf Agallah
20.Locked Down


Weekend consumption Update

Karl just threw up the new video today at www.iseyewear.com

its not that great. kinda long kinda boring.

doing the trade show circuit for the next month so not sure how much time i will be gettin on this mutha.

heres what the next month has in store for me.
know show here in Vancouver for 3 days
vegas for 6 days
montreal for 4 days
Mount Baker for 6 days
Florida for 5 days.
This is all before March so im gonna be busy as fuck.

try to keep a few good things comin your way.


Notorious BIG movie -

watched this tonight. not the best quality but still decent.
definitely gonna cop it when it drops on dvd.

Streaming -

Part 1 - http://www.megavideo.com/?v=NG4NLEKF
Part 2 - http://www.megavideo.com/?v=I53J8AH0

Download -


Monday, January 19, 2009

A minute with the Doctor -

So just logged into MSN messenger and my roomate Adam quickly writes me to see whats going on. This is the better part of the conversation.

Freund says:
what you doin for dinner?

DavidK - beastwick.blogspot.com says:
not usre

DavidK - beastwick.blogspot.com says:
what are u sayin

Freund says:
you should get some mcdicks

Freund says:
we found those couplons

Freund says:
and I am pretty much unable to leave this apartment

Freund says:
those hotdogs i ate yesterday defitniely had something wrong with them

Freund says:
i've been paintin the porcelein pony all day

Freund says:
lily style

DavidK - beastwick.blogspot.com says:
haha no WAY

DavidK - beastwick.blogspot.com says:

DavidK - beastwick.blogspot.com says:
that sucks man

Freund says:
oh ya, i hit the part that the back of the seat rests on, like the upper part of the bowl

Freund says:
i don't know how it happened

Freund says:
it all happened so fast

Freund says:
but i thought i should let you know, it's possible to do with the seat down

DavidK - beastwick.blogspot.com says:
haha oh man thats wild!

DavidK - beastwick.blogspot.com says:
fuck thats sweet

DavidK - beastwick.blogspot.com says:
might have to put that on my blog

Freund says:
i shoulda took picutres

DavidK - beastwick.blogspot.com says:
haha yes u should have!

Freund says:
regretfully i did not and I've already cleaned the toilet 2wice today

Freund says:
it looked like somebody but a firecracker in my buthole while I was taking a dump

Freund says:
totally wild stuff

Soooooooo in case you are wondering what Lily style is I will break it down for you:

Here at Trustus we had this asian lady working here by the name Lily. She doesnt work here anymore nor have we heard from her since her last day here. Which we celebrated with Pizza and new coffee mugs.

One day Steve and I were playin foozball when Karl comes out of the bathroom yelling what the fuck is that. So of course we go up there and take a look. Somehow a small chunk of poo poo was sitting on the rim of the bowl and on the back of the bowl. Nasty, I know. But the big question was how the heck did the poop get there. With the seat down it is damn near physically impossible for your butthole to shoot er out and hit that area IF you are sitting on the seat. So of course Karl asks Steve and I if we did it and of course we didn't so we say no. Yvonne obviously wasnt the culprit so the only suspect left is innocent ol' Lily. We ask Lily and she says no. Lily ends up cleaning it up after we all refuse to do it. Pretty much for the remainder of the day Lily keeps harassing me about who I thought did it yadda yadda yadda. pretty much by the end of the day Lily is convinced that a ghost must have done it and that was the end of it....If you can't pin the blame on someone just pin it on a ghost, seems reasonable.

So....as the day goes by Steve somehow recalled that one day he went into the bathroom to take a leak and saw little tread marks on the bowl from a pair of shoes. The only obvious explanation of this is that someone was squatting on the bowl and doing a high dive poop. Seems like a weird way to take a poop but hell I have friends that stand when they wipe.....weird human behavior I know...

After hearing about Steves observation about the high dive / shoes on the bowl squatting scenario it all seemed to come together.

Lily pooped on the toilet bowl and blamed it on a ghost.....or was it a ghost?

So, back to Adam speaking about doing it LILY style now you all know what Im talking bout. Although we never scientifically proved it was Lily, it could have been a ghost...

Hope you enjoyed this great memory of mine. I sure enjoyed typing and reliving that day !!



Sunday, January 18, 2009


So if you haven't heard Save On Meats down in the lower east side is closing its doors for good. It is a butcher shop down in hell that has a lil diner in the back. Vice mag even said its one of the best burger joints in the city, I dont know if I would go that far but its decent. I have been there for a burgers a few times but some friends have yet to experience the grease and excitement of dining in such a fine establishment.

For those that are unfamiliar with Save On Meats it is literally smack dab in the worst area Canada has to offer. If you have never heard of the DTES (downtown eastside) aka Skid Row check it out on goggle. It is a very unique area that you wouldnt think would exist in a country like Canada, but it does. Intravenous drug use is openly done in public, crack smoke is lingering in the air, hookers are hookin, crystal meth addicts are scratchin and used needles are everywhere. its a real fucked up area if you have never seen it.

Back to the story, so we went down there yesterday for some dirty dirty burgers...cheeseburgers to be exact.

I got a double bacon cheeseburger like most of us but of course Ian had to deviate from the norm and got a buffalo burger because he is on the caveman diet. he wasnt that impressed with the burger. I wasnt super thrilled about mine either, but have been in the past. Either way it was a fun experience that ended with us at the cambie washing em down with a few moooseheads.

here are some pics of the goods.

If you care to learn more bout this joint check out the story that they had in the Georgia Strait. 

Saturday, January 17, 2009

IS EYEWEAR "are you a dirty hippie?" contest!

Send us a dirty hippie photo of your dirty hippie self to be entered in the dirty hippie contest and given a chance to win a pair of IS EYEWEAR Forma Slick Hippie frame. Kale Stephens, who attended high school at CCI amongst a full blown hippie commune will hand pick the winner. Photos will be published in the furious blog.

send all photos to info@iseyewear.com
for more ridiculous posts and time wasting material check out www.iseyewear.com
maybe buy some stuff while you are there too.

coolest guy ever, probably.

this vid is fuckin sweet. i wish i drove by and saw this guy trying to promote lil caesars hot n ready pizzas.
fuck yeah

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


If you are down with some ol' NYC shit get this quick. This tape gets its only playlist on the ipod. straight gems.

01. Grand Puba - What Goes Around
02. Diamond D - Sally Got A One Track Mind
03. Main Source - Looking At The Front Door
04. Main Source - Fakin The Funk
05. L.O.N.S. - Case Of PTA
06. LL Cool J - Mama Said Knock You Out
07. Show & Ag - Party Groove
08. Lords Of The Underground - Chief Rocka
09. Lord Finesse - Return Of The Funky Man
10. Gangstarr - Just To Get A Rep
11. Gangstarr - Dwyck
12. Gangstarr - Take It Personal
13. Black Moon - Who Got The Props
14. Black Moon - Buck em Down
15. Black Sheep - The Choice Is Yours
16. Notorious BIG - Party & Bullshit
17. Notorious BIG - Machine Gun Funk
18. Notorious BIG - Unbelievable
19. Notorious BIG - Kick In The Door
20. Craig Mack - Flava In Ya Ear Remix
21. Notorious BIG - One More Chance Remix
21. Big L - MVP
22. Big L - Street Struck
23. Big L - Put It On
24. Black Moon - Gotcha Opin Remix
25. Black Moon - How Many MCs Must Get Dissed
26. Smif N Wessun - Bucktown
27. Group Home - Livin Proof
28. Group Home - Supastar
29. OC - Time's Up
30. KRS One - Rappaz R N Danja
31. KRS One - MCs Act Like They Don't Know
32. KRS One - Still Nr. 1
33. KRS One - Wannabeemceez
34. KRS One - Outta Here
35. Public Enemy - Shut Em Down Pete Rock Remix
36. Pete Rock & CL Smooth - Mecca & The Soulbrother
37. Pete Rock & CL Smooth - I Got A Love
38. Pete Rock & CL Smooth - Straighten It Out
39. Wu Tang Clan - Protect Ya Neck
40. Wu Tang Clan - Method Man
41. Method Man - Bring The Pain
42. Wu Tang Clan - Ain't Nothing To Fuck With
43. Wu Tang Clan - Shame On A Nigga
44. Ghostface Killah - Daytona 500
45. Raekwon - Incarcerated Scarfaces
46. Raekwon - Ice Cream
47. Wu Tang Clan - C.R.E.A.M.
48. Big Daddy Kane - Show & Prove
49. Blahzay Blahzay - Danger
50. Jeru The Damaja - Come Clean
51. Jeru The Damaja - Playin Yaself
52. Junior M.A.F.I.A. - Players Anthem
53. Keith Murray - The Most Beautifullest Thing In This World
54. Redman - Can't Wait
55. Redman - Tonite's Da Night
56. Lords Of The Underground - What I'm After
57. Queen Latifah - U.N.I.T.Y.
58. Nine - Whutcha Want
59. L.O.N.S. - What's Next
60. A Tribe Called Quest - Scenario
61. Beastie Boys - Get It Together
62. A Tribe Called Quest - Oh My God
63. A Tribe Called Quest - Check The Rhime
64. A Tribe Called Quest - Award Tour
65. A Tribe Called Quest - Electric Relaxation
66. Gangstarr - Code Of The Streets
67. Gangstarr - The ? Remainz
68. Crooklyn Dodgers - Return Of The Crooklyn Dodgers
69. Jay-Z - Brooklyns Finest
70. Jay-Z - A Million And One Questions Remix
71. Jay-Z - Dead Presidents II
72. Jay-Z - Bring It On
73. Fat Joe/Sauce Money - Against The Grain Hands Blend
74. Fat Joe - Shit's Real Premier Remix
75. Nas - Represent
76. Nas - Halftime
77. Nas - It Ain't Hard To tell Large Pro Remix
78. Nas - It Ain't Hard To Tell
79. Nas - The World Is Yours
80. Nas - One Love
81. Mobb Deep - Give Up The Goods
82. Mobb Deep- Shook Ones Part II
83. Capone N Noreaga - Illegal Life
84. Smoothe Da Hustler - Broken Language
85. M.O.P. - How About Some Hardcore
86. M.O.P. - Stick To Ya Gunz
87. Large Professor - Mad Scientist
88. Kurious Jorge - I'm Kurious
89. EPMD - The Joint
90. Das EFX - Mic Checka
91. Beatnuts - No Equal
92. Grand Puba - I Like It
93. Brand Nubian - Slow Down
94. Brand Nubian - Word Is Bond
95. De La Soul - Stakes Is High



Here is anice west coast gangstashit mix.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


My good bud Jon just sent this over to me and I had to put it up here. For those that can't really read the fine print this is the jist of it.
They basically want people to have sex in the new peak 2 peak gondola at Whistler Blackcomb and take pictures of them in the act. Winners will win a big ol' bottle of Canadian Rye. Pretty awesome contest. Competition ends April 1,2009. now go get up there and start doin it. BAREBACK !

The White Shadow Of Norway -Untouchable(2008)

this is a nice mix, get this.

01-The Pizdamen - Without A Shadow Of A Doubt.
02-Reef The Lost Cauze, and Mr. Malchau - Sick Rhymes.
03-Verbal Kent, and Matlock - Untouchable.
04-Clokworx - Robots.
05-Eddie Cane, King Crayon, Knuxx, and Enot - The East Coast.
06-Tash (The Alkaholiks) - LA California.
07-Esoteric, and Mic Stylz - Bringin’ It Back Part 2.
08-IDE, Awkword, L.I.F.E. Long, and Shi 360 - That’s That Shit.
09-Moodswangz, and Slaine (La Coka Nostra) - Obey the Sensei.
10-Mic Stylz, and Nabo Rawk (Porn Theatre Ushers) - Sick With It.
11-Strange Brew - Work Hard Play Hard.
12-Krumbsnatcha, Jaysuan (Special Teamz), and Ripshop - Playtime’s Over.
13-Mic Stylz - Grand Slam.
14-Slaine (La Coka Nostra) - Hatin’ Me.
15-The Wizard (Instrumental)


Necro-The Sexorcist-(Special Edition)(2008)

fuck this is a classic album. if you wanna check out some sweet interviews with necro ughh.com just put up a few nice ones. almost gets in a fight with some dude on the street. necro is the shit.

01. Whos Ya Daddy 03:19
02. Pussy Is My Weakness (Feat. Antwon Lamar Robinson) 03:18
03. Whore (Feat. Joey Silvera) 04:07
04. Edge Play (Feat. Ill Bill And Mr.Hyde And Mitch Matlock And Katja 05:42
05. Suckadelic (Feat. Jenny And Van Houten) 03:19
06. Ron Jeremy (Skit) 00:31
07. You Bitches Love To Get Fucked In The Ass (Feat. Avy Lee Roth) 03:00
08. Piss 01:46
09. Katsumi (Skit) 00:18
10. Out The Pocket (Feat. Maya) 03:09
11. Brittany Andrews (Skit) 00:24
12. Shes Got A Great Ass (Feat. Ill Bill And Jerry Butler) 02:55
13. I Wanna Fuck (Feat. Jenny Krenwinkle And The Other Manson Whores 02:49
14. Van Styles (Skit) 00:21
15. We Fuck Virgins (Feat. Sabac And Antwon Lamar Robinson) 03:16
16. Horny Honeys (Feat. Goretex And Debbie Mercado) 03:13
17. Ron Jeremy Vs. Jerry Butler (Skit) 00:53
18. I Remain Stiff (Feat. Manson Whore And Dick Nasty) 02:23
19. The Sexpert (Feat. Alexis Malone) 04:17
20. I Degrade You (Feat. Ill Bill) 02:58
21. Vaginal Secretions 03:08
22. Ron And Jerry (Outro) 00:16
23. You Ho (Remix) (Bonus) 02:22
24. Broads Verse (Bonus) 00:50
25. Black Hole Verse (Bonus) 01:03
26. Lanny Barbie Verse (Bonus) 01:48
27. Fucking 50 Bitches (Bonus) 06:37
28. DNA Test Verse (Bonus) 01:57
29. Shes Got A Great Ass (Remix) (Bonus) 02:56
30. Lanny Barbie Theme (Bonus) (Instrumental) 02:51
31. Jade (Bonus) (Instrumental) 01:32


Hip Hop anthems vol. 1 (2009)

DAmn this is a nice mix of tracks. enjoi.
Tracklist CD 1:
01 Public Enemy - Fight the power
02 House of pain - Jump around
03 The Pharcyde - Passing me by
04 Wu-Tang Clan - C.R.E.A.M.
05 Fugees - Fu-Gee-La
06 The Beatnuts&Big Punisher&Cuban Link - Off the books
07 Das EFX - Change
08 Raekwon - Live from New York
09 Orishas - Represent
10 Dead Prez - Hip hop
11 Delinquent Habits - Return of the tres
12 Phi-Life Cypher - Free
13 Shabazz the Disciple - Oasis
14 Outerspace - Cutthroats
15 Jedi Mind Tricks - Heavenly divine
16 Klashnekoff - It’s murda
17 Kardinal Offishall - Kill bloodclott Bill (Bang bang)
18 Kamanchi Sly - Letcha’ self go
19 Rodney P - Riddim killa

Tracklist CD 2:
01 Beastie Boys - Sabotage
02 Organized Konfusion - Stress (album version edit)
03 Mobb Deep - Hell on earth (Front lines)
04 Krs-One - Step into a world (Rapture’s delight)
05 Mood - Karma
06 Born Jamericans&Mad Lion&Shinehead&Sleepy Wonder - Gotta get mine
07 The Psycho Realm - Psycho city blocks-Psycho interlude
08 Big Punisher&Fat Joe - Twinz (deep cover ‘98)
09 Cypress Hill&Barron Ricks - Tequila sunrise
10 Onyx - Raze it up
11 Everlast - What it’s like
12 Gang Starr - Full clip
13 Black Moon - This is what it sounds like (Worldwind)
14 The Roots&Erykah Badu&Eve of Destruction - You got me
15 Dilated Peoples&B-Real - No retreat
16 Non Phixion - Black helicopters
17 Atmosphere - Trying to find a balance
18 Dj Muggs vs. GZA - General principles

disc 1 - http://rapidshare.com/files/163105200/Hip_hop_anthems_vol_1_cd_1.rar
disc 2 - http://rapidshare.com/files/163114245/Hip_hop_anthems_vol_1_cd_2.rar


Soundtrack from the upcoming movie.
classic shit.
01.Notorious B.I.G. - Notorious Thugs (Featuring Bone 6:05
02.Notorious B.I.G. - Hypnotize 3:49
03.Notorious B.I.G. - Notorious B.I.G (Featuring Lil’ Kim And 3:12
Puff Daddy)
04.Notorious B.I.G. - Juicy 5:01
05.Notorious B.I.G. - Party And Bullshit 3:37
06.Notorious B.I.G. - Warning 3:39
07.Notorious B.I.G. - One More Chance/Stay With Me (Remix) 4:28
08.Jay-Z - Brooklyn Go Hard (Featuring Faith Evans) 3:58
09.Jadakiss - Letter To B.I.G (Featuring Faith Evans) 4:00
10.Notorious B.I.G. - Kick In The Door 3:34
11.Notorious B.I.G. - What’s Beef? 5:12
12.Notorious B.I.G. - The World Is Filled…(Featuring Too 4:55
Short And Puff Daddy)
13.Notorious B.I.G. - One More Chance/The Legacy (Remix) 4:30
(Featuring CJ Wallace And Faith Evans)
14.Notorious B.I.G. - The Notorious Theme (Composed By Danny 2:07
15.Notorious B.I.G. - Microphone Murderer (Demo) 2:04
16.Notorious B.I.G. - Guaranteed Raw (Demo) 3:41
17.Notorious B.I.G. - Love No Hoe (Original Demo Version) 3:55


Grandmaster Flash - The Bridge Promo 2009

On February 23rd 2009, legendary hip hop pioneer Grandmaster Flash
releases The Bridge: Concept Of A Culture on Adrenaline City
Entertainment via Strut, his first high profile studio album since his
final recordings for Elektra back in 1988. “As a DJ, I’ve been blessed to
see many different people, places and styles. The album title represents
all the bridges I’ve crossed worldwide,” explains Flash. “The bridges of
time, cultures and colour, the bridges of hip hop, funk, pop, rock, jazz,
punk, disco and R&B.”

Recorded at Flash’s own Adrenaline Lab studio in New York during
2007-2008, the over-riding theme of the album is the global language of
hip hop. “Wherever I travel as a DJ, I see the incredible power of this
artform,” Flash explains. “I am constantly amazed by it. That’s the line
that runs through the album - we speak many languages and come from many
cultures but, wherever I go in the world, there is one universal culture

01. shine all day ft.q-tip - jumz - kel spencer 3:03
02. bounce back ft.busta rhymes 2:36
03. swagger ft.red cafe - snoop dogg - lynn carter 3:31
04. tribute to the breakdacer ft.mc supernatural 3:21
05. here comes my dj ft.dj kool - dj demo 2:58
06. Bronx Bombers ft. Lordikim - Almighty Thor - Mann Child 1:16
07. what if ft.krs one 1:39
08. Those Chix ft.Byata - Princess Superstar - Hedonis Da Amazon 1:17
09. Grown & Sexy ft.Mr.Cheeks 1:15
10. When I Get There ft.Big Daddy Kane - Hedonis Da Amazon 1:08



promo cd for making a generous donation to the free
c-rayz walz movement.

01. 1:59 MC Jail
02. 6:49 Carry On Feat. Cannibal Ox Quan Grimy glORian light And
03. 4:19 I Just Write Feat. Son Of Thought And Reef The Lost
04. 3:46 Soul In A Track Feat. Dialect
05. 3:18 Smile Feat. Dialect
06. 3:13 The Anthem Feat. Little Donnie And His Cousin
07. 3:49 Guess Who? Feat. Invizzibl Men
08. 3:01 Pop Off Feat. Sol And Mojo Of Dujeous
09. 3:55 Krystals Feat. Killah Priest And Surge Spittable
10. 3:35 Behind The Yellow Lines Feat. Kassius Kakes
11. 4:09 Staques
12. 2:36 The Hero’s Theme
13. 4:53 Wow Feat. Kayo
14. 3:17 The Anthem Feat. Vordul Megilah The Talented Chris P
And Styliztik Jones


Ty Nitty - Tsunami (2009)

New Ty Nitty from Infamous Mobb. some nice NYC shit.

1. - Intro

2. - Hood Icon

3. - Tsunami

4. - Nitty Speaks

5. - At the Window

6. - Patience / Loyalty

7. - Food, Clothing, Shelter

8. - We Ridin’

9. - Queens Sh*t

10. - Come Threw

11. - Nitty Speaks

12. - No Prisioners

13. - Nitty Speaks

14. - Dvd Thugs

15. - The Introduction (of IM3 South)

16. - IM3 South Speaks

17. - The Future

18. - Stanze

19. - Luv Dis

20. - Gutta to Gutta

21. - The Infamous

22. - Still Mobbin

23. - Can You Take It?

24. - Live It Up

25. - Glowing


Inspectah Deck & J-Love - Swordplay Expert (2008)

Here is a nice lil Rebel INS mixtape. a lil best of tape. not bad.

01. Inspectah Deck - Swordplay (Produced by J-Love) [03:04] ³

02. Inspectah Deck - Night Shift [04:02] ³

03. Inspectah Deck - the City [02:19] ³

04. Inspectah Deck - R.E.C Room [02:38] ³

05. Inspectah Deck - What They Want [02:21] ³

06. Inspectah Deck - Tru Master [02:26] ³

07. Inspectah Deck - Above the Clouds (Feat. Gangstarr) [03:18] ³

08. Inspectah Deck - Tres Leches (Feat. Prodigy & Big Pun) [03:14] ³

09. Inspectah Deck - C.R.E.A.M (Feat. Raekwon & Method Man) [02:42] ³

10. Inspectah Deck - Protect Ya Neck (Feat. Wu-Tang Clan) [01:48] ³

11. Inspectah Deck - Triumph (Feat. Wu-Tang Clan) [02:28] ³

12. Inspectah Deck - Duel of the Iron Mic [02:51] ³
(Feat. GZA & Masta Killa) ³

13. Inspectah Deck - Mr Sandman (Feat. RZA & Method Man) [01:55] ³

14. Inspectah Deck - Guillotine [03:55] ³

(Feat. Ghostface Killah, Raekwon & GZA) ³
15. Inspectah Deck - Semi Automatic Full Rap Metal Jacket [02:23] ³
(Feat. U-God) ³
16. Inspectah Deck - Let Me at Em [02:46] ³

17. Inspectah Deck - S.O.S (Feat. Street Life) [03:11] ³

18. Inspectah Deck - Make A Move [02:19] ³

19. Inspectah Deck - Breaker Breaker (Rmx) [02:37] ³

³ (Feat. Masta Killa & GZA)

20. Inspectah Deck - Play IV Keeps [02:39] ³

(Feat. Method Man, Street Life & Mobb Deep) ³

21. Inspectah Deck - Lovin Your (Feat. LA the Darkman) [01:16] ³

22. Inspectah Deck - Framed (Feat. Kool G Rap & Killa Sin) [02:43] ³

23. Inspectah Deck - A Lil Story [02:23] ³

24. Inspectah Deck - Thug World (Feat. RZA) [02:22] ³

25. Inspectah Deck - Watch Your Mouth (Feat. Wu-Tang Clan) [03:58] ³

26. Inspectah Deck - Rap Burglars (Feat. Raekwon) [03:05] ³

27. Inspectah Deck - Lifes Hectic (Feat. Raekwon) [03:49] ³

28. Inspectah Deck - He's A Rebel [02:53] ³

29. Inspectah Deck - Settlement


Endemic Presents Terminal Illness: No Cure Mixtape Vol 1 (2009)

This looks like a damn nice tape. Havent listened yet but judgin by the lineup it looks dope.

01. intro – feat j Ronin
02. comin to kill - Sean price, Ruste Juxx & Sav Killz (prod endemic) (Terminal Illness LP exclusive)
03. Buddha monk freestyle (prod endemic)
04. timbo king freestyle (prod endemic)
05. m9ine freestyle
06. emc feat Sean Price
07. masikah freestyle
08. planet Asia – that’s what it is
09. ruste juxx – the ghetto
10. Brooklyn zu – do it for
11. cappo – needle drop (prod endemic)
12. bronze Nazareth, leech & timbo king – magnolia
13. aza instrumental
14. sima lee – never safe (prod endemic)
15. endemic instrumental feat dj squigz
16. anger – sav killz (prod endemic)
17. triple darkness – politikin
18. boulevard article – kevlaar 7
19. hell razah & shabazz the disciple – welcome to red hook houses
20. gza - alphabets
21. outro (prod endemic)


Jan 730 presents Hip Hop Disciples XVII - Hosted by Copywrite

01 intro
02 copywrite - hip hop disciples freestyle (prod. By jake one)
03 jr writer - hiphopgame freestyle (prod. By lokken load)
04 jae millz - freestyle
05 fat joe - get this money (prod. By lv)
06 method man - who I’m is (prod. By rockwilder)
07 joe budden - new jerz shit
08 d.o.e. - freestyle
09 poison pen, immortal technique, and breez evahflowin - stronghold
10 copywrite and catalyst - hiphopgame freestyle (throwback)
11 born unique - bad news born
12 edgar allen floe - cruise (prod. By 9th wonder)
13 silent majority - keep it movin’
14 copywrite and o-dot - ohio
15 copywrite - all I need
16 killah priest - the color of murder
17 rugged intellect and ras kass - next dose
18 juganot feat. papoose - trouble
19 hell razah and 7th ambassador - 33 strategies of war
20 az - professional style (prod. By the alchemist)
21 wordsmith - international odyssey (prod. by sketchman)
22 black opz - the professional
23 black elephant - this joint

Deadly Venoms - Pretty Thugs (Advance CD) (2000)

best all women group comin outta the wu camp.
Album was never released to the public. Very limited numbers exist as promotional copies. Internal problems within Universal Music prevented it from being released officially.
Produced by Malakz, Russ Prez and Storm
01 - Chedda Intro

02 - Party Chedda/Venom Interlude feat.Ill Knob

03 - Venom Everywhere

04 - You Do The Things

05 - Worldwide

06 - Sunrise

07 - Don’t Give Up

08 - Wrong Place/Breaker

09 - Storm feat.KGB

10 - Who Got Ya Back

11 - This Is For/Breaker

12 - Pillow Talk

13 - Pretty Thugs

14 - Public Service

15 - What’s The Deal

16 - Black Out


Rhymehouse.com’s Top 200 Songs of 2008 (Part 4/4)

Part 4 of 4 - best of 08

Murs- Nina Ross
Nas- Breathe
Nicolay and Kay- The Lights ft. S1, Myth and Nicole Hurst
Nicolay and Kay- Tight Eyes
Oddisee- The Perch ft. Phonte, Tor and Flying Lotus
Ohene- Hateful Ciders
Olde Soul- Taking me Places ft. Blak King
Open Mike Eagle- Freak Flag
People Under the Stairs- The Wiz
People Under the Stairs- Anotha BBQ
Poems- Feels Good
Presto- Pour Another Glass ft. Blu
Q-Tip- Believe ft. D’Angelo
Reks- Say Goodnight
Samon Kawamura- Get Down ft. Ta’Raach
Samon Kawamura- Still Significant ft. Kev Brown
Scarface- High Powered ft. Papa Rue
Sepalot- Surrender ft. Blu
Shawn Jackson- Strategies ft. Guilty Simpson
Sheek Louch- Good Love
Shingo Suzuki- Hi(gh) Life ft. Blu
Shin-Ski and ArtOfficial- Big City, Bright Lights(Shin-Ski’s Urban Lights Remix)
Shin-Ski and Shinsight Trio- Heart (Shin-Ski’s Cold Hearted Remix)
Shwayze- Buzzin’
Slaughterhouse- Onslaught
Somobe- Red, Green, Blue
Soul Cannon- Authority
Spaceboy Boogie X- She Likes To
Stainless Steele- Deep Sea Creatures
Substantial- 4dozdatdonkno
Substantial- QT
Tha Connection- Theme Song of Foul Play
Tha Connection- Venerable Leash Remix
Tha Connection- Take It Higher
The Antidotes- Sweet Harmony Revisited
The Gent$- Cold
The Gigantics- The Explanation ft. Aesop Rock, Onry Ozzborn and Eligh
The Jonesz- Blueberry Hotel Part 2
The Roots- Get Busy ft. Dice Raw and Peedi
The Roots- Rising Down ft. Mos Def and Styles P
The P Brothers- Digital BBoy
Think Twice- Tell Me ft. Fineprint and Schubert
Torae and Mela Machinko- Just Chill
UNI- Castlevania
UNI- Let Me Be
Vordul Mega- Megagraphitti
Waxolusionists- Feet Dont Fail Me Now ft. Mystic, Dave Ghetto and Hezekiah
Willie Isz- In the Red
Zion I- Rush
Z-RO- Lonely


Rhymehouse.com’s Top 200 Songs of 2008 [Part 3/4]

Part 3 of 4 - best of 08

6th Sense and Wildabeast (Both Nice)- AM Set ft. Andras
6th Sense and Wildabeast (Both Nice)- What Up (Eye No I’m Nice)
7even.Thirty- Flesh Eating Brane Kreature
14KT- Ypsilanti
ABN- Still Throwed
ABN- Umm Hmmm
Analogic and Rashid Hadee- Dont Wanna Be Right
Astonish- Can U Hear Me
Atmosphere- Wild, Wild Horses
Awon- Strictly Underground
Big Boi- Royal Flush ft. Andre3000 and Raekwon
Bisc1- Turbulence (Cassettes Wont Listen Remix)
Black ELement- Quiet Nights ft. Jelani
Black Milk and Nametag- Go Hard
Black Milk- The Matrix ft. Pharoahe Monch, Sean Price and DJ Premier
Black Milk- Bounce
Black Milk- Hold It Town
Johnson and Jonson- Hold On John
Buff1- Beat the Speakers Up
Carlos Nino and Lil Sci (John Robinson)- Circulate
Carlos Nino and Lil Sci (John Robinson)- What’s the Science
Crown City Rockers- Restless
Curtains- Night of the Living Dope (Johnny’s Revenge)
Declaime- Whole Wide World ft. Pattie Blingh
Dela- The Pursuit ft. Supastition and Brotha Soul
Dela- Changes of Atmosphere ft. Supastition
Dela- Mars Remix ft. Blu
Diverse- Escape Earth
DJ K.O.- Love You More ft. East, Silent Knight and Kaze
DJ S1- Supa Fly ft. Inspectah Deck and Blu
Doomtree- Gameshow Host
eMC- Git Sum ft. Sean Price
Erik L- Away (So Far) Remix ft. Rep Life
Evidence- Solitary Confinement ft. Krondon
Fresh Daily- Fresh ft. 8thw1
Georgia Ann Muldrow + Declaime- Endure ft. Big Pooh and MED
Heliocentrics- Distant Star ft. MF Doom and Percee P
Illa J- All Good
Jazz Liberatorz- Cool Down ft. Raashan Ahmad
Jelani- Spotlight
Johnson and Jonson- Wow
K. Sparks- Take Em High ft. Kid Cudi
Katalyst- Dedicated ft. Diverse
Kid Cudi- Day N Night Remix ft. Fashawn
Living Legends- Luva Changer
Living Legends- After Hours (Extended Euro Mix)
Madlib- The Ox 805
Mile Relm- My Heart ft. Adeem
Moe Pope and Headnodic- Air
Mood- Drugs, War and Crime


12 Jan Rhymehouse.com’s Top 200 Songs of 2008 [Part 2/4]

Part 2 0f 4 - Best of 08

Analogic and Rashid Hadee- Explode
Atmosphere- Little Math You
Atmosphere- Puppets
Buckshot and 9th Wonder- Ready
Chaundon- 3 Kings ft. Torae and Skyzoo
Kam Moye (Supastition)- Change of Heart
Kam Moye (Supastition)- Welcome to My Life
Keelay and Zaire- The Times ft. Blu, Fortilive, and Nino Moschella
Kidz in the Hall- Driving Down the Block Remix ft. Pusha T, Bun B and The Cool Kids
Killer Mike- Super Clean, Super Hard ft. 8ball and MJG
Mabanua- Live Show ft. Akil and Pupa Don
Major League- Fly With the Time ft. Streets Buchannon
Maxilla Blue- easyflowgoodflowbadflowinthewater
Mighty Joseph- The Uprising
Murs- Can It Be
Murs- Everything
Murs- Time is Now
Nicolay and Kay- What We Live
Now On- The Willows
Oddisee- All Because She’s Gone ft. Phonte
One Day As a Lion- If You Fear Dying
Open Mike Eagle- Brain Disease
Outasight- Good Evening
Pacewon and Mr. Green- Children Sing
Pacific Division- Wake Up
PackFM- Plucking Daisies
Panacea- Vandalism
Panacea- Voyagers
Past Due- All Mine ft. Haircut
Pugs Atomz- Roof Top
Q-Tip- Gettin Up
Reks- How Can It Be
S1- Who Stole the Music ft. Bavu Blakes and Glenn Reynolds
Scarface- Forgot About Me ft. Lil Wayne and Bun B
Shawn Jackson- Feelin’ Jack
Silent Knight- Love and Revolution (S Raw Remix)
Skills- So Far, So Good ft. Common
Soul Cannon- Hands High
Spaceboy Boogie X- California Sun
Stik Figa- The Truth
Substantial- My Favorite Things
Sunspot Jonz- Satellites
Supastition- Word Has It
Sweatshop Union- Oh My
The Grouch- Breath
The Roots- Criminal ft. Truck North and Saigon
Think Twice- Morning After Blues ft. Velvet Trench Vibes and Johnny Griffin
Torae- Click ft. Skyzoo
Torae- Get It Done ft. Skyzoo
UNI- Beautiful Day


Rhymehouse.com’s Top 200 Songs of 2008 (4 Part Series) [Part 1/4]

Part 1 of 4 - best of 08

8thw1- Fools Lullaby
8thw1- Peace ft. Fresh Daily and Silent Knight
8thw1- Song of Random Thoughts
Akrobatik- A to the K
Akrobatik- Put a Stamp On It ft. Talib Kweli
B.O.B.- Fuck You ft. Lil Booise and Yola
D. Huston- Drugs Outside ft. Big Pooh, Black Milk, Oddisee and DJ Romes (Oddisee Remix)
Black ELement- All I Love
Black Milk- Losing Out ft. Royce 59
Blame One- Disturbed ft. Sean Price
Buff1- Dream Streets
Children of the Night- Real Smoov
Common Market- Winter Takes All
Cool Calm Pete- Gitty Up Baby!
Cyne- Elephant Rome
Dela- I Say Peace ft. J-Live
Dela- The City ft. J-Live and Surreal
DJ Cadik- Keep it Real ft. Phat Kat and Elzhi
DJ Design- Play ft. Oh No and Roc C
DJ Wich- Classic ft. MOP
DJ Wich- Give Up Your Guns ft. Royce 59, Talib Kweli and Raekwon
DJ Wich- Gone with the Wind ft. Cali Agents
DJ K.O.- Best to Do it ft. Royce 59, Elzhi and Supastition
DJ K.O.- Ladder of Success ft. Phonte, Wordsworth, K-Hill and Masta Ace
DJ K.O.- Someday ft. Torae, John Robinson, Talib Kweli and Tiffany Paige
DJ K.O.- Kaboom ft. East, Silent Knight and Kaze
Doap Nixon- Behind the Music
Dom Kennedy- Watermelon Sundae
Doomtree- Drumsticks
E. Reece and Core Elements- Mic Check
Educated Consumers- Can’t Confront
Elzhi- Motown 25 ft. Royce 59
Evidence- For Whom the Bell Tolls ft. Phonte, Blu and Will i Am
Fakts One- Grown Folks ft. Little Brother
Fresh Daily- Next In Line ft. Supastition and Outburst
Front Page- Money
Greg Street- Good Day ft. Nappy Roots
Gza- Alphabets
Heltah Skeltah- So Damn Tuff ft. Buckshot and Ruste Juxx
Heltah Skeltah- D.I.R.T.
Heiruspecs- Broken Record ft. I Self Divine
Hustle Simmons- The Rundown ft. 84 and Fel Sweetenberg
Incise- True Greatness ft. Tunji
Inverse- So True ft. Deacon (Cunninlynguists)
J Boogie- Your Love ft. Zumbi (Zion I)
J-Live- The Understanding
J-Live- The Upgrade ft. Posdnuos and Oddisee
John Robinson- Mascot ft. Peter Hadar
K. Sparks- All That Jazz
K. Sparks- Ambition


Reef The Lost Cauze - Long Live The Cauze Vol.II (2007)

Some more Reef.

01. I Am Legend
02. Squeeze (Prod. Haj of Duhmi)
03. Slow Flow (Cuts. DJ Kwestion)
04. Bring Back The Raw Hiphop Remix (Sicknature ft. Q-Unique, Reef the Lost Cauze & Ill Bill)
05. Politics
06. Class Is In Session (Stu Bangers ft. Reef the Lost Cauze & Skyzoo)
07. Sound of Philadelphia Primo Remix (Live on the Halftime Radio Show)
08. Cold ft. King Magnetic
09. Strictly Business (Prod. Vanderslice)
10. Stomp You Out
11. Afgan Green (Prod. Stress)
12. Bomb Love (Prod. Tibby Hunter)
13. Feast of Famine (Unreleased Title Track) (Prod. Eyego Direct)
14. Just Wanna Know (Charon Don ft. Reef the Lost Cauze) (Prod. DJ Huggy)
15. Cannon
16. 350 An Ounce
17. I’m A G (snippet) (Prod. Guns ‘n’ Butter)
18. Clothes Off (Stress Remix Gym Class Heroes ft. Reef the Lost Cauze & Ghostface Killah)
19. Hipster Rap (Prod. Cocaine & Duchebags)
20. The Ghost
21. Lonely Streets ft Viro the Virus (Prod. Luke Raws)
22. Curtains (Dev Rocka ft. Planet Asia & Reef the Lost Cauze) (Prod. Dev Rocka)
23. I’m Famous
24. Off My Chest (Prod. St. Andrews)
25. When Vicious Comes


Reef The Lost Cauze - Invisible Empire (2003)

Some ol' Reef. Always good on the ears.

01.Intro (In the Caddy)
02.This Is My Life
04.Follow the Drum ft. Annette Koleda
05.Deadly Combo
06.The Puzzle
07.Calm Your Mind
08.Spanish Geetar
09.Give Up His Name ft. Diverse
10.Monday (Fuck This Job) ft. Annette Koleda
11.Oxygen (Breathe)
12.I can’t Begin
14.No One But You
15.So Gangsta (Old Skool Anthem)
16.The Cauze
17.Angels Sing
18.Outro (In the Caddy)


Yak Ballz - My Claim 2004

1 Method To Madness
2 Giddy Up
3 Skywalker’s Here
4 Pimp Skit (feat. Mario)
5 Pimped Out (feat. Cage and Bobby Atlas)
6 No Escape
7 O.D.E. (feat. Tame One)
8 The Gulliest
9 Queens Life
10 Nerd Wars
11 My Claim
12 Moving On…
13 Spy On You
14 The Drill
15 Above And Beyond

Debut album from Yak Skywalker. Enjoi


Thristin Howl III - Skill Recognize Skill (Presented by J-Love) 2009

Here is a new one from the Skillionaire -

01. Skill Recognize Skill Feat Fi-Lo 01:47
02. I’m Livin Produced By Anger Bangers 02:32
03. Ain’t Trying To Hear That Shit Feat J-Love,Juju Of The Beatnuts & Tony Touch Pr 03:13
04. Thirsty & Dirty Feat Ol Dirty Bastard Produced By Pf Cuttin 03:49
05. Treat Her Like A Prostitute Feat Meyhem Lauren 02:25
06. Been Fresh 02:34
07. I Can’t Dance Feat Sadat X Produced By Will Tell 03:39
08. Together Forever Remix Feat Sadat X,Rack-Lo, And Others 08:34
09. Stay Sharp Feat J-Love & Meyhem Lauren Produced By J-Love 04:30
10. We Rep New York Feat Sadat X & Twanny Ranks 03:49
11. Beat Down Of Your Life Feat Immortal Technique 03:43
12. Hood Tuff Feat Rack-Lo,Meyhem Lauren 02:55
13. Pilot To Co-Pilot Feat Lil Vic Lo 04:33
14. Heart To Heart Feat Sadat X & Twanny Ranks Produced By Will Tell 03:08
15. Catch A Body,Body Feat Hurricane G 02:06
16. Tities & Ass Feat Bags-Lo 02:40
17. I Be On That Bitch All Night Feat Muskilla Gurilla 04:03
18. Aflohate Feat Sofla 02:38
19. Somos De Calle Feat Daddy Yankee,Sofla 03:23
20. Eso Lo Mio Feat Hurricane G,T-Weapons Produced By Will Tell 04:19
21. Rap Is Dying- Fi-Lo Produced By Anger Bangers 03:45
22. Together Forever Feat Rack-Lo (Original Version) 05:35


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Im Back

Happy New Years to the people that come back on the regular. Almost 24,000 views in a few months which is pretty damn nice. good to see people are out there diggin for the good shit cause here is where you can find it.

on an unrelated note head over to www.ughh.com and check out their radio stations. they just put up a new ill bill goon radio which is dope. I ve been listenin to it for a minute now and all bangers. i always use to jack the eclipse radio shows off that site but now they have a pretty nice lineup of shows which is hands down the best on this world wide web.

I will be throwin up some new but old mixtapes and albums when i get some time this weeek. work has been keepin me busy as a muthafucka. got a few trade shows coming up so gotta get on the grind and start hustlin.