Saturday, January 30, 2010

in Denver..

for SIA trade show

super fun

already seen DJ z trip, Del & the Rza

gettin so wasted so easily as the city is 1 mile above sea level

also everyone down here thats important knows about partysnake !

that's whats up !

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

dj waxwork- waxecution

god damnnit this tape is nice .

Dj waxwork outta the snowgoons camp.

Note: All the tracks are merged into 1 audio file + Includes scratches, sampling, interludes and transitions that aren't posted in the tracklist

01 . DJ Waxwork - Intro
02 . OC - My World
03 . Edan - Sing It Shitface
04 . Jedi Mind Tricks - Heavenly Divine
05 . DJ Waxwork - Diggin' & Scratchin Pt.I
06 . Maylay Sparks Feat. Erik Sermon - Nuttin'
07 . Doujah Raze - Irish Cream
08 . M Boogie - New York, New York
09 . Pal One - Biz Allez Weg Iz
10 . Snowgoons Feat. Celph Titled - Who What When Where
11 . KRS One Feat. The Coldcrush Bros. - The Throwdown
12 . Nas - Nas Is Like
13 . Electric Company - Sing Song / Beatnuts - Off The Books
14 . I.G. Off Feat. Hazadus - How Ya Love That
15 . Jedi Mind Tricks Feat. Sean P. - Blood Runs Cold
16 . X Ecutioners Feat. MOP - Let It Bang
17 . Dr. Dre Feat. Nas - Phone Tap
18 . X Ecutioners - The Cipher
19 . Digable Planets - Rebirth Of The Slick
20 . Rakim - Addictive
21 . Rakim - Guess Who's Back
22 . Tony Touch Feat. Gangstarr - The Piecemaker
23 . DJ Waxwork - Diggin' & Scratchin Pt.II
24 . Wu Tang Clan Feat. Onyx - The Worst
25 . DJ Waxwork - Tribute To Jay Dee & Jay
26 . Brown (Outro)

Monday, January 25, 2010


peep the blog - best snow snow mag comin outta Canada and soon to take over the US of A.

while you are here check out this song - its pretty dope. not a big Bun B fan but this is the best shit Ive heard from him and Selektah comes correct on this beat. fire.

This celph track is insane or at least his verse....

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Smif N Wessun - Dah Shinin

If you don't own this do not visit my blog.

real heads knows whats up.


1.Timz N Hood Chek
5.Sound Bwoy Bureill
8.Stand Strong
9.Shinin...Next Shit
10.Cession At Da Doghillee
12.Home Sweet Home
13.Wipe Ya Mouf
14.Let's Git It On
15.P.N.C. Intro

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Have had this on here for a while as a draft. Not sure why it never got posted. One of the best tapes around. I had another 3rd rail tape when i was in college and will try to find it and up it on here. stay tuned cuz shit was dope..

Side A:
01. Big L - Freestyle
02. Choclair - Flagrant
03. Natural Elements - Live It Up
04. Nas - Blaze A 50
05. Natruel - Natruel On Top
06. M.O.P. & Teflon - Annihilation
07. Megalon - Peace To The Homeless
08. Aphillyation - Dry Tears
09. El The Sensei, Pharaoh Monche, Prince-Po, Mike Zoot & F.T. - Frontline
10. Krs-One feat. Wycleff - Land Of The Boogie Down
11. Raekwon & American Cream Team - Giant Size

Side B:
01. Tragedy Khadafi feat. Iman Thug - Lift Ya Glass
02. Nas - NY State Of Mind Pt. II
03. Lootpack - New Years Resolution
04. Cloud Kickers feat. Cage - And So Kiddies
05. Sean Boston aka Blackattack - My word
06. Natural Elements - Two Tons
07. Silouette - Rated R
08. Dead Pres - Fuck Da Police
09. Nas - Small World
10. Black Moon - Duress
11. Network Reps feat. Tru Persona, Mike Zoot & L. Fudge - Dose Collabo
12. M.O.P. - To The Death (Remix)

Friday, January 15, 2010

new Ak & Cope2 piece

finally some new material from AK that sounds like his old late 90s early 2000 shit !

also a pretty nice lil video of Cope2 doin his thing in LA for a lil collabo with DonDante Clothing. definitely worth checking out.

Bert & Ernie rapping MOP's Ante Up

homey just sent this to me....

RUGGED SOUNDZ PART.2 Featuring tracks from:

Saigon, Raekwon, Guilty Simpson, Skyzoo, Masta Ace & Edo G., Vinnie Paz, Beanie Sigel, Krs-One & Buckshot, La Coka Nostra, Heltah Skeltah, Prodigy, Randam Luck, Marco Polo & Torae, Royce Da 5'9", King & The Cauze, Bekay, Redlight Boogie, The Hitfarmers, Slaughterhouse, Emilio Rojas, Royal Flush & Mic Geronimo, Marv Won, Singapore Kane, Snowggons, East.



goood lookin out DJ Low Cut comin outta France.
just listened to this from end to end. shit is fresh. .

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Fifth Ever Decentralized Dance Party

The Fifth Ever Decentralized Dance Party

what me and my friends got up to on New Years Eve. Best party in Canada.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Portland, Oregone

Just spent the last few days down there for a lil tradeshow and it was super fun.

Stayed and worked with the boys over at Atmosphere & Masa and they showed me whats up with Portland.

Hit some legit restaurants and this crazy strip bar called the cabaret - read these reviews. place is madd filthy. love it !

Definitely set it off in there partysnake style ! all the strippers and whoever was sitting around perverts row now know whatsup with the partysnake. this was the highlight of my trip when a stripper took my p snake beanie off and wore it for her set on stage. when her set was over for some reason she took the beanie off and rubbed her you know what with it. gnarly eh ? yeah i thought so but was pretty stoked especially cause everyone around the bar was chanting partysnake at the top of their lungs. the lap dances there are about as close to having sex as you can get. the girls are nasty . even worse than in Quebec. it was awesome.

had some bullshit with customs but luckily sweet talked my way out it and then ate a bunch of wings at the airport and came home and ate a huge sausage from costco and went to bed.

wont be upping much shit in the near future as im going to be on the road doing trade show circuit (calgary, denver, ontario) but will try to throw some music videos up here and there and stupid updates that are worth a read.

partysnake premiere in whistler tomorrow night. taking the coors bus up there so shit should go off.

check these out -
Atmosphere -
Masa -

Thursday, January 7, 2010


been madd busy and havent had time for bloggin or any of that bullshit. been

with that being said here is a quick couple a tracks to get your day going -

used to be my favorite shit back in the day. still gets lots of play. what happened to hip hop..?? and a couple more 90s gems.