Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Portland, Oregone

Just spent the last few days down there for a lil tradeshow and it was super fun.

Stayed and worked with the boys over at Atmosphere & Masa and they showed me whats up with Portland.

Hit some legit restaurants and this crazy strip bar called the cabaret - read these reviews. place is madd filthy. love it !

Definitely set it off in there partysnake style ! all the strippers and whoever was sitting around perverts row now know whatsup with the partysnake. this was the highlight of my trip when a stripper took my p snake beanie off and wore it for her set on stage. when her set was over for some reason she took the beanie off and rubbed her you know what with it. gnarly eh ? yeah i thought so but was pretty stoked especially cause everyone around the bar was chanting partysnake at the top of their lungs. the lap dances there are about as close to having sex as you can get. the girls are nasty . even worse than in Quebec. it was awesome.

had some bullshit with customs but luckily sweet talked my way out it and then ate a bunch of wings at the airport and came home and ate a huge sausage from costco and went to bed.

wont be upping much shit in the near future as im going to be on the road doing trade show circuit (calgary, denver, ontario) but will try to throw some music videos up here and there and stupid updates that are worth a read.

partysnake premiere in whistler tomorrow night. taking the coors bus up there so shit should go off.

check these out -
Atmosphere -
Masa -


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