Thursday, September 2, 2010

M-Dot & DJ Jean Maron - Run MPC (2010)

New release from M-Dot which is really, really good. It doesnt happen to often when I find new hip hop artists Im feelin these days. This guy definitely caught my attention and really like what he has been puttin out. If you want something fresh I suggest getting this album and checking out everything M-Dot has released.


01. Intro
02. You Don’t Know About It (Feat. Masta Ace)
03. Be Easy (Feat. Torae, Chino XL, B.A.M. & Lyric Jones)
04. When We Were Young (Feat. Tribeca)
05. Run For Cover (Feat. Tek, Billy Danze & Grand Agent)
06. Street Knowledge (Feat. Kool G. Rap, Koolsphere & Bateria)
07. Tap Out (Feat. Big Shug)
08. Beautiful (Feat. Punchline & Keith Murray)
09. The Feel (Feat. Sha Stimuli)
10. Tribute To The DJ (Feat. Edo G. & Singapore Kane)
11. Mama (Feat. Akrobatik & Gene Stoval)
12. Just For The Rhymes (Feat. Reks & Revalation)
13. Bill Of Rhyme (Feat. Revalation)
14. The Warning (Feat. Revalation & Per-K)
15. Mass (Feat. Termanology & Revalation)
16. Rap Game (Feat. Craig G)
17. Outro
18. Be Easy (Coast 2 Coast Mix) (Feat. Chino XL & Lyric Jones)

this isnt on that album but is pretty damn nice.

Off the snowgoons trojan horse tape - M-Dot outshines Krumb by far.

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