Friday, February 27, 2009


One of the companies I work for ( IS EYEWEAR ) this year put together a lil team video with some help from Coastal Riders snowboard shop, Pilsner Beer, Updown Magazine, Monster Energy and AIRHOLE ninja masks.
It may not be mack dawg quality but it sure as fuck is more entertaining to watch and you can show it to people who dont give a shit about snowboarding and they will like it.
for those of you are wondering what a partysnake is pick up the latest updown magazine or check it out online at  -

If you have some free time head over to and watch the vid for free.

I think videos now a days are so god damn generic and boring with the shittiest music ever created so I am stoked I work for a company that is down to put out something real and shows the real essence of snowboarding which is boardin with your buds, havin a good time with some coldies and maybe some silly sticks.

Check er out and let me know what ya think. we are gonna do more videos like this every year and hopefully keep kids stoked on the shred and maybe get them to want to wear our goggles and glasses rather than some corporate bullshit that is marketed as being "core". I for one am all about keeping it real and supporting the small guy (when I can) so go out there and support the company that isn't owned by some D bag in a suit who's marketing strategy isn't following some wack ass trend to make his company seem like its core but at the root its the farthest thing from it...



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