Friday, February 27, 2009

Wintersun - Wintersun

This is some of the best shit Ive heard. Epic Melodic Death Metal at its finest. Wintersun was produced and performed solely by the multi-instrumenalist Mäenpää himself, with the help of only a session drummer, Kai Hahto. Thats fuckin unreal !

Track 8 is ridiculous.

1. Beyond the Dark Sun 02:38 [view lyrics]
2. Winter Madness 05:08 [view lyrics]
3. Sleeping Stars 05:41 [view lyrics]
4. Battle Against Time 07:03 [view lyrics]
5. Death and the Healing 07:13 [view lyrics]
6. Starchild 07:54 [view lyrics]
7. Beautiful Death 08:16 [view lyrics]
8. Sadness and Hate 10:16

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