Monday, February 1, 2010

new A trak mixtape

not a fan of Kanye west at all but huge fan of ATrak from day 1 when he was part of obscure disorder.

peep the link.

more info on this tape. i actually really like this tape.
This week's Monday Mix Tape is a soul affair, as former DMC wunderkind A-Trak eases you into the working week (for all non-UK folk, anyway - it's Bank Holiday/Notting Hill Carnival weekend here in London Town!) in fine style on Welcome To Kanye's Soul Mix Show.

A few years back, Trizzle - who has gone on to even bigger things since his DMC days by co-founding the Fool's Gold record label and slotting into the role of regular tour DJ for Kanye West - put together this soulful mix whic takes in the original classic cuts that Kanye used to make some of his finest beats (before he went all fruity pants on his last album, at least).

Welcome To Kanye's Soul Mix Show runs through 23 top-grade tunes, including Nina Simone's 'Sinnerman', Bobby Bland's 'In The Heart Of The City' and Bill Withers' 'Rosie', alongside efforts from Gil Scott-Heron, Marvin Gaye and Etta James, to name a few.

A-Trak's mix matches the quality of his selections, too, as he tastefully scratches, manipulates and juggles this bevy of classic material to create one of the best mixtapes of the last few years, hands down. Sure, Kanye waffles a little over some of the cuts, but there's not even a hint of scratch-itis or 10 minute beat juggle solos. Hallelu-jah (well, it is Carnival Weekend, innit?)

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