Thursday, April 1, 2010

Diabolic – Liar And A Thief (2010)

finally. been waiting on this for quite sometime.

01 Stand By
02 Frontlines (Feat. Immortal Technique)
03 Riot (Feat. Deadly Hunta & John Otto)
04 Reasons
05 Soldier’s Logic
06 Order & Chaos (Feat. ILL Bill)
07 I Don’t Wanna Rhyme
08 Truth Pt. 2
09 Nicolai Ros To The Goul (Interlude)
10 Not Again (Feat. Vinnie Paz)
11 Loose Cannon
12 12 Shots (Feat. Nate Augustus)
13 In Common (Feat. Canibus)
14 Modern Day Future (Feat. Deadly Hunta)
15 Behind Bars
16 Right Here
17 Self Destruction (Outro)

if you haven't heard Diabolic then listen to this track. this was my first introduction to him back off Immortal Techniques revolutionary album. dirty huh.

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