Thursday, April 15, 2010

Vinnie Paz – Before the Assassin-2010

Season of the Assassin hits stores 6/22/10. In order to get ready for it you
need to check out this mixtape. It’s not just a best of Vinnie Paz, its a
full street album for the fans. Pickup that new Army of the Pharaohs “The Unholy Terror” album if you already havent.

just gave it a full listen. shits dope.

01 Trial of Lies
02 Street Wars (feat. Clipse)
03 Not Again (feat. Diabolic)
04 Before the Great Collapse
05 Razorblade Salvation
06 Same Story (My Dedication)
07 Drag You to Hell (Remix)
08 On the Eve of War (feat. Gza)
09 Bloody Tears (feat. Army of the Pharaohs)
10 Habitat of the Gas Mask (feat. La Costra Nostra)
11 Death Messiah
12 Agony Fires (feat. Army of the Pharaohs)
13 Age of Sacred Terror
14 The Game (feat. Apathy)
15 Prisoner
16 The Winds of War
17 Drenched in Blood

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