Thursday, April 23, 2009


So for the last few years we (IS Eyewear) have been throwin the OB'z event up on Grouse Mtn. The event is basically an excuse for those that work in the snow/skate industry to get out from behind their desks and get up the mountain for the day to get buzzed and hit some fun obstacles.
This year was pretty killer as the turnout was the best to date and there was a sweet stash of complimentary Coors in the bush As well, every contestant got a pound of fries and for 4 bucks could get a poutine upgrade. no big.

Here is a lil slideshow the Kman put together -

ALSO, the new Belvederes with the party harness will be hitting shops in 2 weeks. If you can't find em at your local shop then tell em to get off the pot and bring em in.

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raddest blog.