Monday, April 6, 2009

Return of the DJ - All Star Album

If you have ever heard the Return of the DJ mixes this is a best of. Those mixes are the fuckin best shit out there and put out by Ninja Tune. If you like the cut and the scratch then get dis.
A1 Kool DJ E.Q. - Death Of Hip Hop (3:18)
A2 DJ Design - Never Be The Same (4:22)
A3 Beyond There - The Positive Step (3:42)
A4 Def Cut - Fresh (2:17)
B1 Mix Master Mike - Terrorwrist (Beneath The Under) (5:33)
B2 Beat Junkies - Scratch Monopoly Pt. 1 (4:48)
B3 LF Peee - Who’s On The Turntable (4:21)
C1 Z-Trip* - Rockstar II (5:30)
C2 DJ Ghetto - Ghetto On The Cut (5:18)
C3 DJ Shiro - Science Friction (4:44)
D1 Peanut Butter Wolf - The Chronicles (5:35)
D2 Tommy Tee - Aerosoul (4:58)
D3 DJ Z-Trip - U Can Get With Disc Or You Can Get With Dat (3:36)

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