Thursday, June 18, 2009

DJ PRZM - Llabtips (2007)

Here is a real gem. Used to listen to a lot of this a few years back. rip PRZM. Enjoy this quality Ohio hip hop

02. Total Eclypse feat. Eclypse The Pretenatural
03. Bum Shelter Wild Style feat. Bru Lei, Zero Star
04. Middle Finga’ In The Air feat. Mr. Nervous, Jakki, Copyright
05. Blaze It Up, Take It Easy feat. PRZM, Seel Fresh, Ravage
06. Merch Table feat. PRZM, Merch Dog
07. Handycam feat. PRZM
08. Exit Only feat. Eclypse The Pretenatural
09. Lo’ed Out feat. PRZM
10. Nervous Game feat. Mr. Nervous, Metro
11. Off the Clock Part II feat. PRZM
12. So Nasty feat. PRZM
13. PRZM! It’s Alive!

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