Friday, June 5, 2009

Eddie Ill and DL - Scenes From the Underworld

No tracklisting but this tape is dope. Lots of classic indy tracks from the late 90s.

side A -
side B - -


DänielKay said...

Side B is down ... If u got any other shit by Eddie Ill pleeeease post it . I love Eddie Ill !
maybe u got that basement experience tapes by DJ Crossphader? Im searching 4 that since years


nice ! Check my blog.. that chris crossfader will be up by christmas just for you homie ! working on converting a bunch of these tapes..

DänielKay said...

Yo , what up that would be nice.
So u done converting those tapes already? Didnt find something in ur blog!

NinjqTune said...

Greetings from france. Love what you make for us, bro. I was wondering if you could upload tape 2 ( the white one ) thanks

DänielKay said...

Yo i got about 12 Tapes from Eddie Ill ... the white Scenes from the underworld ,too. Im looking for a good tapedeck to transform into mp3 with nice quality. When im done ill upload it!
But i really really NEED the Basement Experience Tapes with Dj Crossphader!!
Does anybody have those?