Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dj Solo - Solomash Mixtape

Listened to this last night and its pretty decent.

2. It Takes Drugs
3. I Wanna F*ck You (break)
4. Billie Jean Likes It Raw
5. Black Betty, Don’t Drop Me Down
6. Tell The B-Boys When To Go
7. Fucked Up On Too Many Teardrops
8. When The Levee Pops Off (stoner interlude)
9. Liquid Swords Got Me High
10. Drop It Like Mahna Mahna
11. Simon Says Hold It, Now Hit It
12. I Love Likwit
13. I’m The King (Scratch Freestyle)
14. My Adidas Walk Like An Egyptian
15. Hate Or Love The Safety Dance
16. Put Your Hands Where Eileen Can See
17. Just Another Victim (Judgement Night Soundtrack)
18. Got Your Hands Twisted Up
19. Pickin Up The Crazy Pieces
20. Gnarls Pablo
21. Whoo! Amen, Yeah… Bitch
22. Axel’s Backyard
23. Backyard Betty RMX
24. B-More Ghetto
25. Bring The Long List Of Girls
26. U Got Me Up (Cajmere’s Goodies Mix) - Dajae
27. Percolator Break
28. Shake It To The Ground - Rye Rye
29. Samir’s Theme - Debonair Samir
30. Pick Em Up, We’re Rock Stars and We’re Gonna Kill You!
31. Native Love - Divine
32. We Are Friends With Diplo and Go Hunting For Witches With Crystal Castles
33. Hunting For Witches - Bloc Party (Crystal Castles RMX)
34. Push The Button And You’re Out
35. Jerrrkit - Thunderheist (DJ SOLO Re-Edit)
36. Crank Dat (Benja Styles B-More RMX) - Soulja Boy
37. Slippery Dick - Peaches
38. Creator - Santogold
39. Pretty Vacant - Lady Sovereign
40. Hit It Hard - Peaches
41. Give Me Back My Man - Chicks On Speed
42. All That Glitters Is Not Cavalier, Nor My Man
43. XxzxcZx Me? Are You Fuckin Wit My Laptop?

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