Thursday, October 30, 2008

Earth Crisis - Forever True 1991-2001 (Compilation) [2001]

I used to listen to these guys and all that Victory records shit a lot back in teh day. Pretty sweet back then. I could put up some of the better albums but here is a good compilation that has all the decent tracks. Enjoy.

01. Killing Brain Cells
02. Behind The Wire
03. Biomachines
04. Slither
05. Nemesis
06. Broken Foundation
07. Situation Degenerates
08. Cease To Exist
09. Gomorrah's Season Ends
10. New Ethic
11. Destroy The Machines
12. The Wrath Of Sanity
13. Deliverance
14. Born From Pain
15. Firestorm
16. Forged In The Flames
17. Ecocide
18. All Out War
19. Sunshine Of Your Love (Live)
20. Smash Or Be Smashed (Live)
21. Forced March (Live)

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