Friday, October 31, 2008

Various Artists - Underground Story 12 [2008]

1. Mr. hyde demonic harmonix remix
2. Mr. hyde ft. q-unique, ill bill, d.j. eclipse killer collage
3. Doap nixon ft. king syze, crypt the warchild, planetary, king magnetic warning shot
4. Reef the lost cauze im a g
5. J. dilla ft. m.f. doom sniper elite
6. Gza alpahbets
7. Northstar ft. warcloud, mikey jared killer bees
8. Northstar ft. warcloud bust ya gunz
9. G frequency ft. big j outside my window
10. G frequency ft. tabeek, hanif jamyl buss dat bubble
11. Conflict ft. pacewon maintain
12. Conflict ft. skyzoo checks in the mail
13. Influx give it up
14. Influx step one
15. Influx cascade
16. Mr. hyde ft. necro braains
17. Mr. hyde bloody murder
18. Doap nixon ft. reef the lost cauze, vinnie paz the wait is over
19. Doap nixon ft. nature, good money tis the season
20. Doap nixon everythings changing
21. Vordul mega hattori hanzo
22. Vordul mega trigganomics

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