Thursday, October 9, 2008

American Cream Team - Only Built 4 Trilogy (1999)

1.Cream Team - Intro
2.Raekwon - Vampire Bats (Unreleased)
3.Raekwon - Heart to Heart (Exclusive)
4.Raekwon - Live from NY (Exclusive)
5.American Cream Team - It's Not A Game (Exclusive)
6.American Cream Team - Power (Exclusive)
7.Raekwon - Forcast (Exclusive)
8.American Cream Team - A.C.T. Go Off (Exclusive)
9.Chip Banks - Everywhere We Go (Exclusive)
10.Raekwon - Niggaz Want the Streets Back
11.Cory Ak Ft Raekwon - Imagine this (Exclusive)
12.BT Wizzy - Tell No Tales (Unreleased)
13.Ghostface Ft Raekwon - Apollo Kids (Exclusive)
14.Chip Banks - Niggaz Gone Die (Exclusive)
15.Raekwon - Yae Yoe (Exclusive)
16.Polite - Freestyle (Exclusive)
17.Raekwon & Cuban Linx - Reintro
18.Raekwon Ft Mad Rapper - Ghetto
19.Raekwon Ft Ghostface - Heaven & Hell
20.Raekwon Ft Ghostface - All So Simple (Exclusive)
21.Pain in Da Ass & Raekwon - Freestyle (Exclusive)
22.Polite - Small Change (50 Cent Diss Exclusive)
23.Chip Banks - Freestyle (Exclusive)
24.Raekwon & Cream Team - Interview Wit Stretch Armstrong
25.Raekwon & Cream Team - Live Freestyle Wit Stretch
26.American Cream Team - Freestyle (Bonus Outro)

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