Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Riot breaks out at Necro show

So my girlfriend and a few buds are huge Necro fans so we headed down to Richards on Richards to see his show saturday night. We waited in line foreverrrr and wondered what the fuck was going on as it was after 12 and we were still in line. they were telling us that Necro had car trouble but he would be showing so weren't really sweatin it. Finally we get let in and start suckin back a few beers listening to the house DJ who wasn't playing any decent underground hip hop. Next thing ya know the promoter comes out and tells us that Necro aint gonna show up cause his car is broken down. Everyone started booing and chanting Necro but they promised a rescheduled show the next night or you could get a refund so no biggie. The dj continued to play for about 5 minutes then just shut everything down. Thats when everyone in the bar started hucking beer bottles, glasses, tables, chairs and anything else they could get their hands on at the dj table. shit was insane. pretty cool to watch as shit got real bad real fast. after watching the bar get destroyed for about 15 minutes we went outside and were greeted by I think every cop in vancouver. they had their batons fullly extended just waitin to give someone a good wackin. People were gettin hog tied with zip ties right in the middle of the street. shit was wild. after that we split and got pizza and bugged some hookers. so a great way to end a great night. sucks we didnt get to see necro but will definitely hit up his next show.

Here is a lil vid of what went down. Its not my vid. I snaked it off youtube.

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Lionheart said...

Hey man, I'm a reporter with the Langara Voice student newspaper. I was just wondering if I could interview you for a project. Your firsthand account of what went down that night could make for a great story. My email address is blypka00@mylangara.bc.ca. E-mail me your contact info and when a good time to contact you would be if you're interested.