Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ron Paul for president!

For those of you that give a shit about your freedom, the current state of the U.S. and the rest of the world you should check out on a daily basis for updates as well as check out previous Ron Paul videos on youtube.
Dr. Ron Paul is the truth.

Obama is not who the U.S. needs running its country and I for one, am over all the hype behind him then and now. Even some of his congressional democrats are questioning his actions which is not a good sign especially since he has been in office for under 2 months....his foreign policies are no different than Bush as well as his stimulus packages have done shit for the economy as well as the stock market. Since he took office the Dow Jones has hit levels not seen since 97. I know this has nothing to do directly with him but the big picture is that investors and the general public have no confidence in him or the economy. I just read today that that the white house had to reassure China that the 1 trillion they have borrowed in the form of American bonds are safe and that they shouldn't worry. Shouldn't worry? yeah right.

I say let the banks, GM, Ford and all other failing companies fail. It doesnt make any sense to me why they keep using tax payers dollars to bail out these companies that ran themselves into the ground. this money doesnt just come off the money tree in the back yard. It has a debt assigned to it and guess who is the lucky buck that gets to repay it.....thats right Jonny you guessed it! you ya stupid dick and your kids and their kids....

Im goin to bed . watch the damn video. Hell I dont even smoke weed anymore really but I am 100% in favor of legalization and if not that then at least decriminalization across the board for small amounts that are for personal consumption. I think that if some poor bastard with cancer wants to smoke his ass off til his lungs turn black because it eases the pain then keep on chuffin bud.

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Eryc said...

Good to see that you support liberty and Ron Paul's cause. Its sucks to see that a person with legitimate credibility was ignored and silence while the media chosen candidates were advertised day after day up until the election. People voted for hope and change but i dont see it coming out of Obama.