Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Saigon - The Greatest Story Never Told [Bootleg] (2005)

I am not the hugest Saigon fan but I do like some of the shiit he has done. This is his old shit which is pretty nice.


02.Ay Nigga
03.Cold World
04.We Gon Ride
05.True Story
06.I Know
08.Out There
09.The Letter P ft.Kool G Rap
10.City Rules
11.We Want In
12.Yep Yep ft.I.F
13.Stocking Cap
14.Breathe Thru The Years
15.Letter To The Omnipotent Part.2
16.Come Again
17.Not My Baby
18.Favorite Things
19.2 Hour Banger
20.Back To Back (bonus track)
21.Ridiculous (bonus track)
22.Diduntdidunt (bonus track)
23.Slap Niggas ft.Talib Kweli (bonus track)
24.Yes (bonus track)


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jcmoss33 said...

Thanks for this. Good lookin' out. Peace and GOD BLESS