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Various Artists - Underground Story vol. 7 - 12

Here are some fuckin nice mixes i jacked from a site i visit regularily.
This should keep ya ears happy.

Various Artists - Underground Story 7 [2007]

1. Mos def ft. talib kweli make it all better
2. Jbl ft. pumpkinhead, damien streets the way it is
3. Singapore kane ft. the devils rejects 5 pillars
4. Evidence ft. rakaa, pmd mr. slow flow (remix)
5. Lazarus godflow (prod. by alpha bet)
6. Hieroglyphics you never know (domino remix)
7. Verbal kent ft. ill bill, lance dead serious
8. Mos def ft. guru, macy gray ive commited murder
9. Talib kweli holy moly
10. Dirty diggers ft. micall parknsun bang on it
11. Jbl ft. apathy, planetary, vinnie paz when you need me
12. Abdominal abdominal workout
13. Abdominal breathe later
14. Abdominal ft. korry deez of irs countdown
15. Talib kweli ft. krs one the perfect beat
16. Nabo rawk 40 baahs of deth
17. Verbal kent remain hungry (prod. by kazi)
18. Mos def non stop
19. Singapore kane ft. chan breathe deeply
20. Jbl ft. juni bonds, hexagon, superstar the pro five
21. Hieroglyphics soundscience (remix)
22. Verbal kent ft. tableek, racecar duesday
23. Singapore kane ft. chan street legends
24. Jbl ft. reef the lost cauze, juni bonds what its hot
25. Dirty diggers u.v.

Various Artists - Underground Story 8: We Rap For Freedom! [2007]

1. Cappadonna - capp is back
2. Ghost lotus cypher - wrath of tha army
3. Bronze nazareth - god of soul
4. Percee p feat. aesop rock - coward of the year
5. Salim - the real hip-hop
6. Boom bap project feat. libretto - rules
7. Access immortal feat. skyzoo & swave sevah - sharks in the water
8. Guru feat. common & bob james - state of clarity
9. Guru feat. david sanborn - living legend
10. Bullymouth - back to school
11. Poison pen feat. immortal technique & breez evahflowin - stronghold movement
12. Percee p feat. jedi mind tricks - walk with me
13. Bullymouth - country sunshine
14. Boom bap project - the shakedown
15. Cappadonna - tug that rope
16. Madlib - take it back
17. Access immortal feat. reef the lost cause & akir - american me remix
18. Bronze nazareth - northern battalion
19. Ghost lotus cypher - keep it hip-hop
20. Cappadonna - what you see
21. Salim - the anti rapper
22. Access immortal feat. karniege & medinah starr - styles upon styles
23. Bullymouth - directions
24. Percee p feat. jurassic 5 & big daddy kane - a day at the aces
25. Poison pen feat. diabolic, fatz da assassin, goodtime slim & immortal technique - copland
26. Point blank - born and raised in the ghetto
27. Salim - stress in the city

Various Artists - Underground Story 9: It’s Logical to be a Psycho [2007]

1. Sabac red, blue sky death shift of the earth
2. Ill bill ft oc jeru the damaja 3 wise men
3. Necro some get back
4. Big shug talib kweli pharoah monch freestyle
5. Teflon sav killz shabaam sahdeeq steele crooklyn dodgers 07
6. Nygz ya dayz r #d (prod dj premier)
7. Forces of nature broken jaw
8. Copperpot ft. krs one come back home
9. General steele ft. rock hostyle takeover
10. Big pooh ft. jjoe scudda chaudon plastic cups (prod by j dilla)
11. Wordsmith ft. nu revolution legion of the lyricists 2 (prod by lef)
12. Ill bill ft. q unique dont touch dat dial
13. Forces of nature forces of nature
14. Sabac red king syze vinnie paz plantary the onslaught
15. General steele cold blooded
16. Copperpot ft. mata ace edo. g art of rap
17. Termanology ft. evidence low i.q
18. Team shadtek ft. rustee juxx ka rock
19. La coka nostra ft. jeru the damaja broken peies
20. Holocaust river church
21. General steele ft. louieville sluggah grew up
22. Words smith ft. so l soul of tha muzik 2 (prod by lee west)
23. Copperpot ft. braintex demo
24. Forces of nature after life

Various Artists - Underground Story 10 [2008]

1. Little vic - each dawn i do
2. Little vic - the evil that men do
3. Little vic - sister morphine
4. Verbal kent ft. roadblok, doomsday - remain psycho
5. Verbal kent - snakes on a stage
6. Verbal kent get a job 2
7. Naledge - find my way freestyle
8. Naledge - j dilla freestyle
9. Atmosphere - less one
10. Decay ft. selfish, tone liv - no joes alive
11. Decay ft. selfish, tone liv - reign blood
12. The grouch - clones
13. The grouch - mom and pop killer
14. Canibus - return from mecca
15. Canibus ft. chino xl - spit a billion
16. Atmosphere - another day
17. Living legends - samba
18. Jus allah ft. immortal technique - twilight
19. Jus allah ft. vinnie paz - treasure island
20. C.r.a.c. knuckles - respect
21. C.r.a.c. knuckles - mr. big fizz
22. Anomoli ft. grand - genocide

Various Artists - Underground Story 11 [2008]

1. Ill bill-unauthorized biography of slayer
2. Ill bill ft. raekwon-coka moshiach
3. Ill bill ft. max cavalera, immortal technique-war is my destiny
4. Snowgoons ft. reef the lost cauze-this is where the fun stops
5. Dj muggs ft. planet asia-thats what it is
6. Celph titled-mad as fuck (prod. by celph titled)
7. Presto ft. sadat x, o.c., large professor - conquer mentally
8. Presto ft. cl smooth-part of greatness
9. J-live-it dont stop
10. J-live ft. charli-2na-the zone
11. J-live-simmer down
12. Cyne-elemental
13. Cyne-catharis
14. Cyne ft. seven star stres, soarse spoken-hurricane song
15. Diverse-escape earth
16. Common market-black patch war
17. Protons-good guys
18. Common market-oldham era
19. Yaheem (supremeex) ft. causual, azeem, dj icewater-dont go near the speakers
20. B. dolan ft. sage francis-heart failure
21. Yameen (supremexx)-ft. maylay sparks-the atmosphere
22. B. dolan ft. sole, skyrider band-young americans

Various Artists - Underground Story 12 [2008]

1. Mr. hyde demonic harmonix remix
2. Mr. hyde ft. q-unique, ill bill, d.j. eclipse killer collage
3. Doap nixon ft. king syze, crypt the warchild, planetary, king magnetic warning shot
4. Reef the lost cauze im a g
5. J. dilla ft. m.f. doom sniper elite
6. Gza alpahbets
7. Northstar ft. warcloud, mikey jared killer bees
8. Northstar ft. warcloud bust ya gunz
9. G frequency ft. big j outside my window
10. G frequency ft. tabeek, hanif jamyl buss dat bubble
11. Conflict ft. pacewon maintain
12. Conflict ft. skyzoo checks in the mail
13. Influx give it up
14. Influx step one
15. Influx cascade
16. Mr. hyde ft. necro braains
17. Mr. hyde bloody murder
18. Doap nixon ft. reef the lost cauze, vinnie paz the wait is over
19. Doap nixon ft. nature, good money tis the season
20. Doap nixon everythings changing
21. Vordul mega hattori hanzo
22. Vordul mega trigganomics

Mixed by Dj Focuz

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