Thursday, March 25, 2010

DJ JS-1 & DJ Ody-Roc - Workin (Live Mix)

some NY shit. this is really really good.

1-Nas - One Time For Ya Mind
2-Screwball Feat Havoc N Cormega - On The Real
3-Fat Joe - Respect Mine
4-Fat Joe - Dedication
5-Raekwon N Ghostface - Wisdom Body
6-Jeru - Me Not The Papes
7-Jeru - Remix
8-Mobb Deep - Eye For An Eye
9-Nas - I Gave U Power
10-Fat Joe N Krs One - Bronx Tale
11-Ghostface - Stay True
12-Ghostface, Raekwon N Cappa - Fish
13-Mobb Deep, Ghostface, Big Noyd - Back At You
14-Mobb Deep - Cradle To The Grave
15-Da Youngstas - Murder
16-Tragedy N Havoc - Funk Mode
17-Epmd N Dasf Efx - Ruff Rugged N Raw
18-Big Noyd, Nas, Cormega - Suspect
19-Mobb Deep - Animal Instinct
20-Mobb Deep - Man Down
21-Mobb Deep N Cnn - Parole Violators
22-Company Flow - Lune
23-Saukrates - Father Time
24-Ahmad Jamal - Misdemeanor
25-Scarface - Roll 'em
26-Electric Prunes Sample - General Confessional
27-Beatnuts - Niggas Know
28-Beatnuts - Uncivilized
29-Beatnuts - Super Supreme
30-Krs One - Mad
31-Krs One Vs Oc - Kill A Rapper Vs Times Up
32-Diamond D - The Hiatus
33-Onyx - Walk In Ny
34-Blahzay Blahzay - Danger Pt 2
35-Headz Aint Ready - Bootcamp Clik
36-Spit - Showbiz & Ag
37-Mic Geronimo Feat Oc & Royal Flush - Many Men
38-Fab Five - Lefleur Laflaur
39-Large Professor - Mad Scientist
40-Ole Dirty Bastard - Raw Hide
41-Craig Mack - Get Down
42-Epmd - Crossover (In Da Trunk Remix)
43-Busta Rhymes & Rampage - Abandon Ship
44-Gangstarr Feat Jeru & Lil Dap - Speak Ya Clout
45-Mr Voodoo - Lyrical Tactics
46-3rd Bass - Product Of The Environment Remix
47-Above The Law - Murder Rap
48-Gangstarr - Take It Personal
49-Das Efx - Klap Ya Handz
50-Erick Sermon - Stay Real
51-Lords Of The Underground - Here Come The Lords
52-Kool G Rap - Road To The Riches

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