Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Natural Resource Bootleg (199X)

big post here. if you know natural Re you will appreciate this. if you are not familiar with them i suggest you download this and enjoy. about as good as hip hop can get.

01. Shit Is Hot feat. Bad Seed
02. Can It feat. Pumpkinhead
03. Freestyle feat. Imam Thug
04. Bum Deal (Remix)
05. Bum Deal
06. They Lied
07. Heavy Loungin’
08. I Love This World
09. Mind Cruise
10. Negro League Baseball
11. Skit
12. They Lied (Remix)
13. Wake Up Show
14. We Bring It


probably the best Bad Seed track with a ridiculous WHAT? WHAT? (jean grae) verse.

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