Thursday, March 25, 2010

Method Man Ghostface And Raekwon-Wu-Massacre(2010)

new Wu Tang shit - meh...nothin special.

01. Criminology 2.5 02:01
02. Mef Vs. Chef 2 02:04
03. Ya Moms Skit 00:36
04. Smooth Sailing Remix (Feat. Solomon Childs & Streetlife) 02:59
05. Our Dreams (Feat. Inspectah Deck, Sun God) 03:25
06. Gunshowers 02:59
07. Dangerous 03:55
08. Pimpin’ Chipp 02:32
09. How To Pay Rent Skit (Feat. Tracy Morgan) 00:38
10. Miranda 03:02
11. Youngstown Heist (Feat. Trife, Sheek, Bully) 02:42
12. It’s That Wu Shit 03:14

on a side note, I just read a review for the album on this site -

"The album is a great thing for the return of real hip hop to the mainstream, as well as a return to the old Wu Tang sound" - who ever wrote that review doesnt know shit about shit. this has nothing close to what the old wu tang sound is. this is the old wu tang sound.


Lambent said...

Big up for spying this!

I got a track for u to check out... u might like it judging by the metal stuff u post. Some real epic shit. wait till it hits 2:00 mins...

peep my blaag if ya like the dubstep
added urs to the blogroll

Lambent said...


def not vintage wu sound

but the beats are too sick tho... main reason i wanted it