Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Krondon / Self Scientific

classic westcoast underground. can't believe this video has 522 hits...


cant even find this track on youtube, just the khalil instrumental.

you can download it off this best of Self Scientific mix, who is also one of the best in the west.

01-Self Scientific (ft Kombo)-One
02-Blitzkrieg Militia-Subterranean
03-Lao Fai (ft Chace Infinite)-My Word
04-Krondon-Hold It Down
05-Lao Fai-I Put My Life On It
06-Krondon-Always And Forever
07-Self Scientific (ft Don Krisis)-Opposition
08-Krondon-James Worthee
09-Krondon-The Best Form
10-Self Scientific-Evergreen
11-Korsican Brothers-Corona Deluxe
12-Kombo (ft Unspoken Heard)-Pop Shit
13-Self Scientific (ft Lao Fai & Don Krisis)-Sublevel
14-Self Scientific-Run The Depth
15-Self Scientific-Pentagon Paradox (Bonus Track)


Krondon "The Rules" (1998) single -


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